“Art Theory Kettle Holder” Since 1999 Manfred Kirschner works on the so called “Kunsttheorieuntersetzer”/ “Art Theory Kettle Holder”. This Is the Main Title of his handmade, crocheted drawing series. Based on uni- and multicoloured Prototypes, Kirschner developed a System in which they seem to have their own will. They give up statements and pictures by having these materialised on their surface. By breaking this intention, sometimes the surface is occupied by foreign rulers using it for advertising the issue of autonomous art was questioned. To force their independent will, and give them more weight, Kirschner treated the bigger drawings like bodies and put them on chairs and sofas. He created absurd sitting rooms, drank tea with them. For some shows he worked and lived with his drawings in the gallery space. (see the installations) Later, some of the huge works are even big enough to carry a whole situation and environment. Like a set, people are now able to place themselves on them. In their significance “The Art Theory Kettle Holder” stands, as a spiritual object, for a product of artistic fabrication, which every one of the recipients is able to put or place meanings and theories on. The Kettle Holder symbolises with its functions as a variable spot or set, any art product and its interpretation. It investigates the artistic role and the relationship between artist and recipient.